Why I Love TripAdvisor

I really do love TripAdvisor. It has become my Bible for travel planning. It is the first place I go to to start my search for accommodations and to refine our itinerary. It works for us, but it’s not for everyone.

My family does not have a favorite hotel chain, we like the flexibility of making our own choices of where we go and what we want to see, and we welcome adventures, big and small. I enjoy reading through reviews and don’t mind navigating the site to gain enough information so that I am confident in making my travel decisions. TripAdvisor is not for those who are dependent on ready-made tour packages and itineraries. Nor, have the time and energy to sift through tons of details. It can get mind-boggling.

Hotel Reviews

By reading through about 8 -10 reviews, I get a pretty good feel for the hotel or b&b. These reviews are invaluable. They are quite candid and honest, so I am comfortable basing my decision on what I read. And, I have yet to be proven wrong. If there’s a comment that I have a question about, like “The room was large enough to fit our family of 4”, I can send an email to the reviewer and get more specifics. Also, often times, the reviewer will provide more than just comments on the particular b&b. She’ll mention her favorite restaurant near the b&b, a preferred route to the center of town, or where to taste the best gelato in the world. I can then start getting a feel for the location and getting more ideas for our trip.


There is a forum for every destination you choose. This is an awesome feature because you can select a forum, then search for a particular topic, like ferry schedule, and you’ll get several discussions on that particular topic. In the end, you might decide that the ferry is not the right thing to do. Or, if you are trying to refine your itinerary, you can search for something general, like Tuscany, and be able to read through suggestions of which towns are most popular.

Give TripAdvisor a try for your next trip. Do you have favorite travel web sites? Please reply below.

If you don’t have the time to plan your trip, nor desire to manage the details, contact me and I can help you no matter what stage you’re in. It’s not too late for your summer vacation!

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