Picturesque Portofino

Portofino was just a pit stop for us on our hike fom Santa Margherita to San Fruttuoso Abbey. I can describe it in three words: small, crowded and yachts. Very picturesque, though, with colorful buildings fronting a very narrow harbor, and flanked by villa-studded hills. I suppose this view is what gives Portofino its charm. Our first order of business was to find a gelato shop to cool us from the heat. Licking our gelatos, we walked along the harbor gawking at the fancy yachts, peaking inside as if we would see anyone famous! One set of lounge chairs was done up in leopard print! We didn’t linger. After 30 minutes of soaking in the scene, we continued our trek to the abbey.

2 thoughts on “Picturesque Portofino

  1. I just love the yellow-orange ish houses perking out off the cliff, facing the ocean. This is one of the best spot of Portofino. Where can I travel to see this houses? I plan to visit Portofino in April and I would love to go to this very same spot! thanks (which village is this in Portofino?)

    • Those yellow-orangish houses were situated along the coastal walk we took from Santa Margherita Ligure to San Fruttuoso Abbey. To get to the Abbey, you walk through the town of Portofino. Bring lots of water since there a lots of sections in full sun and quite a few hours to walk.

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