Air Fares Based On Passenger’s Weight

What would you say if the next time you booked a flight, your air fare would depend on how much you weigh? This makes total sense, right? After all, an airplane fuels up based on the weight it will carry in the air. So, that would include the weight of baggage and passengers.

A recent (April 8th, 2013) New York Times article, “Airlines Weigh the Pounds”, discusses Air Samoa’s fare scale based on a passenger’s weight. The airline flies propellers where weight and weight distribution is important. Airlines all over the world are continually thinking about how to eliminate or reduce weight that an airplane carries. For example, providing first class passengers with plastic utensils instead of silverware, or replacing heavy drink carts with hand-carry trays. What next? Could there be a trend of weighing passengers and charging them based on their weight? Imagine the line at the check-in counter!