Air Fares Based On Passenger’s Weight

What would you say if the next time you booked a flight, your air fare would depend on how much you weigh? This makes total sense, right? After all, an airplane fuels up based on the weight it will carry in the air. So, that would include the weight of baggage and passengers.

A recent (April 8th, 2013) New York Times article, “Airlines Weigh the Pounds”, discusses Air Samoa’s fare scale based on a passenger’s weight. The airline flies propellers where weight and weight distribution is important. Airlines all over the world are continually thinking about how to eliminate or reduce weight that an airplane carries. For example, providing first class passengers with plastic utensils instead of silverware, or replacing heavy drink carts with hand-carry trays. What next? Could there be a trend of weighing passengers and charging them based on their weight? Imagine the line at the check-in counter!

Favorite Travel Web Sites

Planning trips has become so much easier for the at-home travel organizer. There are many travel web sites that can help you with different aspects of your itinerary. Here are my favorites. for flights and air fares. compares data from Expedia, Priceline, and others all at once, so you can do one-stop shopping. shows you which seats are bad, good on a particular flight for a particular airline. The best feature though, especially when traveling with children, is being able to find out whether a long, overseas flight has entertainment options for children. I always try to book my family on a 747 or 777, not caring which airline, because many have seat-back tv’s with personal controls — in coach!! for hotels, things to do, and discussion forums for your particular destination. See my previous blog Why I Love TripAdvisor for more detail. for “boutique hotels and hip hideaways”. This web site gives you alternate accommodations (b&bs, houses for rent, boutique hotels ) to big hotel chains. These accommodations often times give you a more relaxed, authentic experience. For more insight, read my blog on Hotel vs. Bed and Breakfast.

Google Earth for viewing and exploring your actual destinations. You can get a birds-eye view of the town you’ll be visiting, or zoom down to the street that your hotel is on. Google Earth gives you a great visual of your travel path from one city to the next.